Monday, January 26, 2009

Sparkling Ginger Ale Super Original Super Carbonated Drink

*authors note - new years resolution is to post on here more. i promised spoiler a while back i would. its very intimidating writing on the same blog as scotty as he has the gift of gab and i have the gift of nothing. but fuck it cause i have easy access to Co.Jp snacks. so eat shit.
ps. this post was written while listening to Uncle Murder "i really mean it" on repeat. such a killer jam. so hard.

this drink wins the title of best drink name ever. hands down! i mean it has "super" in it twice. how can you top that? this gingerale is the exact opposite of scottys last post about stewarts ginger beer. this ginger ale had that real nice taste of a spicy ginger beverage without all the pretentious "im a cool drink thats too fucking hot to drink" quality. just a nice refreshing beverage. what about the packaging?!?!? a fucking mini 40oz bottle! genious. finally a non alcohol beverage to rival St. Ides Crooked I. obv i poured a little out for the fallen soldiers(man i miss my dawgs)(shoot out to weezy)
overall this shit is backed fully and i dont even fuck with sugar soda anymore

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