Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet & Spicy Munchies

At my break today I went down to the snack palace that's in the lobby of my building and looked for something incredibly unhealthy to eat. Lo and behold I found a flavour of Munchies I had yet to try. It was basically a guarantee that I was going to love them no matter what the flavour so this entire review is totally biased.

Today I had the privilege and honour of procuring a bad of Sweet & Spicy Munchies. These things fucking rule.

First of all they're Munchies, so they already have the mind-fuck combination of peanuts and magic. You could sprinkle toe nail shavings and paprika on it and it would still be the most amazing snack ever. Regardless, they're still fucking incredible.

I don't know how to explain the flavour without drawings of tits and getting dick play from every school teacher young boys have gotten boners over. It's sweet and spicy like the name would suggest but the combination is not what I expected.

Here's how it plays out in your mouth hole:
You pop it in your mouth, oh it's sweet. Then Bam you chew it and you're in spicetown. Then you swallow it and it's shifted back to sweet. And then just to fuck with your life some more it flips back to spicy for a fucking delectable aftertaste. This is some schizophrenic snack shit.

It will basically confuse the balls out of your sack. This is a fucking snacking enigma. It's like eating the Bermuda Triangle or the female orgasm.

This snack will fuck your mouth up. It will give you a mouth attack and the only cure is more Munchies.


Eat this now or your fucking life will be pointless.

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