Saturday, October 25, 2008

French Vanilla Milkshake by Neilson

The French Vanilla Milkshake is exactly what it sounds like. A fancier version of a regular vanilla milkshake with more arrogance and more class. While most milkshakes you buy at the gas station taste like melted ice cream, this is a beverage of a higher nature. It's thick, but not too thick. It tastes like dairy, but not too much. It's sugary, but too sugary, so even better. It has a delicious aftertaste that stays on your tongue until you take the next sip. It tastes so delicious that you want to take a huge chug, but at the same time you want to take tiny sips and take the time to taste them all. If you put the bottle to your mouth, and breathe in, you can smell the vanilla. You can smell the pure dairy. This drink makes you act like a total douchebag wine connaisseur. Hence the "French" in the french vanilla. Luckily, this thing is so amazing, it's totally worth it. It actually makes you feel good about yourself just drinking it. You can even be a gross longhair scumbag in a leather jacket, wearing a shirt of a monkey fondling a passed out chicks tits,

and still feel like a classy frenchman taking in art at the Louvre. Go on, embrace your inner moustache curling baguette eater, and indulge in this fine product.

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