Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ritter Sport, Date Me

 I honestly can't explain the taste of Ritter Sport.  Spoiler turned me on to them, and FINALLY I was able to find a place in Chicago that sold them.  Now, the U.S. economy is fucking shit and we all know this, but what I didn't expect to find was paying nearly $3 for a Ritter Sport. Okay, fine, I am 100% completely fine with it, because for the taste, one can be satisfied in ways most people can't be satisfied.  

250g whole hazelnut, I couldn't even flickr a picture of the wrapper due to binge snacking:

Fast Facts:
  • 23% crunchy Levantine hazelnuts from Turkey
  •  77% of our classic milk chocolate
  • Fine Cocoa from Papa New Guinea
  • Cocoa Beans from West Africa
  • Fat in g-94,75

All the nuts are perfectly distributed, not like in Hershey's Almonds where you are lucky to get 8 almonds in a whole bar, or one per letter and you get ripped off for a huge portion of the chocolate bar. Not in this one, it's the Chanel of chocolates.  Chocolate Couture, hand picked with different cocoa flavors and perfectly distribution.  The throwback or "recession-proof pricing" version of this can be bought from the local softball team or "off-season" basketball husslin' these. The chocolate is so delicious, perfect. I am in love.  Fuck the U.S "recession." Ritter Sport is $3 a pop, gas is about $4.30. Snacks over gas. Also, peep their site, it's pretty swanky and cute.

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