Friday, December 5, 2008

Blak Masturbation

This is not a snack related post; it's simply a Snack Sabbath related post.

It amuses me to find out how people get to this blog via google (i.e. what they search to end up here).

This morning we had a new one: blak masturbation.

Someone searched blak masturbation (and spelled black wrong) and decided that instead of continuing on their quest for pictures/videos of well hung black men pleasuring the shit out of themselves they would read my review on Coke Blak.

Snack Sabbath now has the power to cure your lustful carnal urges.

Snack Sabbath and Casts on Both Hands: Curbing Masturbation Since Who the Fuck Knows When.

*EDIT: Someone also got to Snack Sabbath by googling: fuck my melons milk

1 comment:

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