Friday, December 26, 2008


After eating a ton of holiday food, Dan, Fred and I concluded we needed to celebrate our post-holiday time off work with a food that was more ridiculous than anything we had ever tasted before. I don't even know how we came up with this, but we figured the most awesome, trashy, unhealthy food was a cheese burger pizza (in our case veggie burgers). Here's you make them:

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. You need:
-premade pizza bottoms (make sure they come with sauce)
-burger buns
-ketchup and mayo
-a block of cheddar
-cheese slices

Fry those suckers!

Melt some processed cheese on 'em!

Spread tomato sauce on the dough, put the bottom buns on it, make the burgers.

Put mozarella all over that shit. The whole bag!

Grate a brick of cheddar all over the pie and pop er it in the oven, ten minutes and she's good!

Aww mannn! Look at that shit! Beautiful!

Look at the layers! It's every good food ever melted together. Next time we are adding hot dogs, poutine and chocolate cake.

As ridiculous as the idea was, this actually tasted incredible. The flavours all blended together nicely, and I was shocked to see the mayo and ketchup survived the oven perfectly. It was fucking great. I suggest you try it, and tell em where you got the idea from. I had txted Scotty about my plans for this food of the gods, I had updated him on the taste, and about an hour later I was txting him from the bathroom, because one slice of this thing and I was running. But then maybe I shouldn't have insisted on drinking chocolate milk with it.


BENBASS said...

Next level stoner shit. This needs a beer, not chocolate milk. Only a german...

katie said...

that's about twenty minutes to a whole 3 days off your life right there.

SPOILER said...

but its so good id give up a whole week off my life for it