Sunday, July 6, 2008

2008 Taste of Chicago

The Taste of Chicago is the world's largest food festival in the United States.  Located conveniently in my city, I usually go and eat with no disregard to anything or anyone.  This year I decided to get more into my food consumption a little bit more attention.  The Taste of Chicago features over 70 food vendors and brings in millions (sometimes 1 million each day alone).  You can find anything and everything here.  Food is purchased with tickets, 12 tickets for $8.  What does that get you?  NOTHING!!! Most basic entrees cost about 9-10 tickets, and most "Taste" portions (smaller portions of the foods) cost at least 4.   Here is what I consumed in one trip to the Taste:

Rib Sandwich- I have never had a real rib sandwich until now, usually I get the vegan version, and I was super into it.  What made this sandwich as delicious as it was?  BBQ SAUCE.  Perfect sauce overload, handmade BBQ sauce, loved it...until I dropped it on the floor and declared myself defeated.

Mango Italian Ice- Some of you might know it as "Water Ice" this is one of the reasons why I'm glad the Italians have such a a big influence on Chicago.  This one was made not from flavoring, but from Mango purees.  Italian Ice is made the same way that ice cream is made, and is technically a sorbet, but not really.  Miko's Italian Ice in Chicago offers these for $1.25 a scoop, I coughed up $4.  Well worth it, the flavor of Mango was on point, not too tangy and not too bland.
Banana Crepes-  This was from the same joint that I bought the Mango Italian Ice from.  The presentation looked great, but the banana was not a good option for the inside.  It was too bland, and the chocolate syrup was way too abrasive for the overall sweetness.  They should've put Nutella inside the crepe instead, and offered up strawberries.

Nutella Crepe-  I am a freak for anything Nutella.  After realizing I made a mistake in trying the banana crepes, I decided to get the Nutella Crepe...Perfect.  Just enough Nutella on the inside, not too much whipped cream, not to mention this time the flavoring of the chocolate syrup was perfect with the other combined flavors.

Chicago Style Hot dogs-Mustard, Onions,Sweet Pickle Relish, Dill Pickle, Peppers, Tomatos, Celery Salt= Chicago Style.  Originated in 1929, this is a Chicago STAPLE..  Supposedly, there are supposed to be more hot dog joints in Chicago than all other fast food restaurants combined.  The only rule about Chicago Style that I break?  KETCHUP.  Putting ketchup on a Chicago dog is supposed to be sacrilegious, but whatever, this rule may be broken.

Giant Turkey Leg-  I only tasted this, because to eat it would be the equivalent of eating my own weight, basically.  Giant turkey leg with BBQ Sauce & Louisana Hot Sauce added on makes for an interesting taste.  This thing is HUGE.  Imagine tons of people chewing on this with no precautions: sauce all over their faces, sans bibs trying to dominate this turkey leg.  

All in all, I'm still full to say the least.  The Nutella Crepes and Italian Ice were #1 in my book for the night, and I spent over $40 and STILL wanted to eat ( chocolate covered bananas & funnel cakes get an I.O.U.).  If you ever get a chance to go, check it out, but get there early before all the fatsos come and pillage the Taste for all its worth.

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