Friday, July 18, 2008

"Yuubari Melon cream and whipped cream Lunchpack"

i still remember when i first discovered Lunchpack. in japan it sucks being vegetarian. everything has like bacon, or ham or fish. but then i discovered these bad boys. the first one i had was the peanut butter sandwich. total lunch time savior. at a convience store a veg dude has like 4 choices. konbu Onigiri(sweet seaweed rice ball), Umeboshi Onigiri(sour plum rice ball), egg salad sandwich, or Lunchpack. for like a buck fifty you get 2 sandwiches with no crust in a lunch pack. occasionally you can get new favors acceptable for veg dudes.

this time that flavor is yuubari melon cream and whipped cream. a yuubari melon is a glorified cantaloupe from hokkaido japan. shit tastes the same but costs way more. the melon cream was basically a cantaloupe flavored pudding. combined with the light puffy fake whipped cream. this sandwich set is pretty good. i would say its more of a dessert sandwich than a lunch sandwich. im not sure if id cop again but i will recommend it to others to try.

this gets a sabbath rating of Rat Salad

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