Friday, July 11, 2008

7/11, Holiday!

7-Eleven chains everywhere there is a store. They will be giving out FREE SLURPEES to celebrate the day the Slurpee was created. The Slurpee was created in 1967, btw.

Fun facts about the Slurpee:The most slurpees are sold in Manitoba, Canada. They average about 5,990 Slurpees a month.
  • The Slurpee capital of the world is currently Winnipeg, but Kennewick, WA is currently trying to steal the crown.
  • Slurpees are mostly water ice and are heavily infused with nitrogen; there is less food energy in a Slurpee than in the same volume of a soda of the same name.

Oh, the options! What will I get? Fanta Wild Cherry? The Coca-Cola Classic? Jolly Rancher Green Apple?

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