Tuesday, July 8, 2008

O'zack "spicy curry" flavor

Japan is the land of seasonal/limited snacks. convience store culture is huge here. they play a huge part in everyones life. you pay your bills and shit there. so im in a convience store pretty much everyday. i always peep the snack sections for anything new to try(which ends up being every couple of weeks)

this time i copped these chips.

these things were a huge let down. you open the bag and they smell amazing. strong curry flavor. but once you dig in you get bummed out. they taste like regular fucking chips with a hint of flavor. shit, they arnt even that spicy. these things were a total bumout. and on top of it the chips themselves arnt good. they remind me of those shitty old chips we used to have in the states - O'Boisies. worst.

in closing, if i was to rate these on an Sabbath type scale. these would rate as "kelly osbourne"

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